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9 Days of Adventure Awaits in Colombia: Cycle Safe, Scenic Trails for an Unforgettable Journey of Discovery and Beauty

E-Bike & Enduro Bikes Available

Join us for an adrenaline-pumping Enduro bike tour through Cundinamarca. Colombia’s stunning landscapes near Bogotá D.C. Experience the thrill of riding with locals on exhilarating trails in “Siete Montañas”. After Cundinamarca, we will visit Salento, adjacent to the Los Nevados National Park, known for its towering 5000m volcanoes.  E-MTB options are also available, adding an extra dimension to your ride.

– Duration: 9 Days
– Start/End Location: Bogotá to Salento
– Available Bikes: E-MTB, Enduro Bike
– Difficulty: Intermediate
– Minimum Participants: 4


DAy 01

Arrival and Transfer to Cucunubá

Day 02 - 04

Ride shaped nature trails around "Siete Montañas" of Cucunuba

Day 05

Journey to Manizales via Los Nevados National Park

DAy 06

Riding the famous Enduro World Series Manizales Trails

Day 07

Transfer to Salento and visiting Santa Rosa's hot springs.

Day 08-09

MTB in Salento Coffee Trails

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4 days Bikepark Cucunuba

690 Enduro Double Suspension Bike
  • includes the same inclusions as the 8-day trip - airport shuttle, accommodation with breakfast and lunch, guide, and transport to the locations.
Most Popular

8 Day Colombia Enduro MTB Tour

1890 Enduro Double Suspension Bike
  • Includes airport transfers, cozy accommodations, delicious breakfasts & lunches, expert guides, and scenic transport routes.

E-bike Upgrade

80 Per day
  • There is an additional charge of €80 per day for those who opt for an E-Bike.

Our Clients

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“I live in Jersey, and part of the B-team. We had an amazing time with Anden Tours team riding through beautiful trails, eating at typical restaurants, and the accommodation was very comfortable.”
Luis Herazo
" I will remember this trip for the rest of my life, the scenery and trails are outstanding in Colombia."
Rob Warner
“I travelled with a group of friends and felt very secure during the full 8 day tour, the team was very professional and were always there for anything we needed.”
Daniel Saraga

Absolutely! Colombia’s cycling routes are known for their safety and breathtaking views. We prioritize secure and scenic trails, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all our riders.

Prepare to be amazed by Colombia’s diverse landscapes. Our trails offer everything from lush greenery and rolling hills to majestic mountains and panoramic views. Each route is carefully selected for its outstanding natural beauty.

We recommend an advanced level of biking for our tours, most of the trails we will ride are S2 Level Trails. 

Essential items include cycling gear, comfortable clothing for varying weather conditions, a water bottle, and sunscreen. A detailed packing list will be provided upon booking to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Yes, the tour price includes all accommodations and most meals. We carefully select accommodations for comfort and charm, and our meals offer a taste of authentic Colombian cuisine. bottle, and sunscreen. A detailed packing list will be provided upon booking to ensure you’re well-prepared.

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